What a day

Well at least school is out.  I am glad I don’t have to go back until after the new year.  I am dreading the fact that my grandmother is coming though, that part is yucky.  I hope that she doesn’t kiss me like she always does.  It’s so gross, and her clothes always smell like mothballs.

I heard that you can use mothballs to get rid of snakes, I wonder if that is true.  I don’t think it is, but who know really.

I am going to go to my boyfriends house tonight. I can’t wait to get there.  I wonder if anyone will ever read any of this, I hope not because that would really be embarassing.  But I am not using my REAL name anyway so I guess it will be alright.

Do you want to visit my uncle’s website?  He is a blogger and he is the one that started me doing this.  You can see his personal blog at dontpunchaclock.blogspot.com he told me he would help me do this, and he said I ahve to write about things I am passionate about.  I don’t know what to write about yet, but I am just going to write something each day and see how it goes.  He says he makes money doing it, but I have no idea how.  How can you make money from someone just typing stuff for people to read on the internet?  It doesn’t even make sense! I tried to read some of the things he talks about on there, but I am lost. I will have to get him to explain it more to me the next time he comes over.

Bye for now, going to get out of here and have some fun!



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