Whoopsy Daisy

Well I was supposed to be posting so much more than this, but I got busy with  school and I haven’t been able to find the time.  To be honest, I could make the time, but I just haven’t done it because I kind of forgot all about the blog.  I was very into it when I first started it because my Uncle said all these great things about how much I could make.  But then, I don’t know, I jut lost sight of that.

School has been a real hassle, but I am trying really hard every day because I want to get great grades this semester.  It’s really important to me, and I know that it would make my parents proud.  I am learning about site explorers in my computer science class, because it’s like a web-design class that I Was able to get into.  I started late in the year, but I don’t care because at least I get to learn some of it.

My uncle says it will be awesome for me.  I was listening to some podcasts today by this guy that created moz.com.  Here you can see the site at moz.com and it’s pretty incredible.  It gives you a whole bunch of stats on different things that happen with the website, and it keeps a catalog of every major website that is in the world.  It’s kind of like google, except you don’t search Moz like google does to find a page that is relevant.  It will search it, but only to find the name.  That way you can find out cool information about your competitors.

I plan to do start using this stuff and really learning how it all works. I figure if I can learn how ones work that really are doing well, then I can use that to my advantage, when I want to really do my own.


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